Well enough alone. The case for natural immunity.

  • the idea that refusing the vaccine endangers others’ safety
  • the way that vaccine safety is being measured
  • the widespread loss of confidence in natural human immunity, ushered in with covid.

‘Stop the spread, take the vaccine’

  • only 50% of people contract covid when living in the same house as someone who’s got it
  • Covid survivors are still the safest of all categories; the chances of getting it twice are infinitesimal ⁴ (about the same as for other infectious diseases — once you account for the incidence of testing errors ⁵)
  • The risk of asymptomatic transmission has also been hugely inflated⁶ ⁷, again because our understanding of the transmission process is incomplete.
  • Vaccination does not afford any protection against new strains of covid.

Safe and harmless are not the same.

The Economist, March 2021

Maintaining a control group

Don’t mention the..

The danger of routine medical procedures.

Absent science

The case for Natural immunity


  • stay inside (no vitamin D, no exercise, no connection with nature, no recreation)
  • stay away from each other (no social connection*, no biome interchange)
  • stay afraid (fear is a major driver of illness ²⁶)

Incorporated scientism

  • criminal convictions on every continent for dangerous overselling and overstating of their products ²⁸
  • a reputation for unscrupulous evasion of liability and damage claims ²⁹
  • an incessant campaign, nearly 100 years long, to undermine and defame the preventative approach of natural health ³⁰




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Mark Mabon

Mark Mabon

Mark is a lifestyle, business and creativity coach. He lives with his wife and two children in Devon, England.